Patricia S. Phillips

Patricia S. Phillips was first introduced to working with nonprofit agencies serving undervalued communities during her internship while in college. Patricia interned with Northern Manhattan Perinatal Partnership which focused on encouraging women to take charge of their reproductive, social and economic lives. Her role included conducting home visits, outreach within the community, advocacy for the women in the program, recruitment at medical centers to enroll women into the program and assisting in developing creative ways to keep the women and families engaged. This internship led to Patricia developing a passion for providing services to underserved communities and has led her acquire leadership positions in which she was able to advocate for families, ensure success of programs and creatively develop plans to service the community the organization aided. 

Patricia currently holds a BA in Psychology at CUNY Hunter College, as well as a Certified Professional Coach at IARPC.

One of her favorite books growing up was The Real Mother Goose by Blanche Fisher Wright.