March 2023 Medical Professional Newsletter

admroarnycMarch 07, 2023

Meet Our Newest Team Member: 
Sejal Kothari
Senior Manager of Books & Literacy
Sejal recently made a career transition from the pediatric sector to the nonprofit sector and is thrilled to start her journey with Reach Out and Read.  A long-time proponent of the link between literacy and health, and a book lover since childhood, she hopes to leverage her experience in the child development and education spaces to maximize the impact of this program.  She looks forward to this exciting collaboration that will ensure more books in more homes for as many children as possible.

Her favorite book as a child was The Phantom Tollbooth.
DEI Survey Collection: 
Reach Out and Read of Greater New York has partnered with Breaker28 to better understand opportunities to improve its core program and better support its Medical Sites, with a focus on opportunities to become more diverse, equitable, and inclusive. This process has multiple parts, including surveys and focus groups or interviews with its staff, board, families, physicians, and site coordinators. During the weeks of October 10th and 17th focus groups for Site Coordinators and Medical providers were conducted. Some key takeaways:o Continue our diversity and equity efforts, especially in book selection of Books being tracked as one of the most challenging things for sites  o More resources beyond early literacy strategies o More site visits from us (virtual or in-person)  o Including parent perspective ROR GNY looks forward to continuing the work to determine the best opportunities for improvements and providing the best early literacy support to families. 
NYPL Partnership
In September 2022, NYPL reached out to ROR GNY to partner to enhance waiting room areas in sites in the South Bronx and East Harlem areas.Since, NYPL has updated two waiting rooms at sites to be welcoming, engaging and literacy rich.  NYPL has also connected sites to nearby libraries for resources and community events.  NYPL has also provided over 10 sites with 100- 150 diverse books and exciting literacy activity kits for families to take home.  Here are some photos from the latest updates

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