August Medical Professional Newsletter

admroarnycAugust 01, 2022

We are excited to welcome Jessica Lizzio to our program team as the Senior Manager of Pediatrician Engagement. Prior to joining Reach Out and Read, Jessi was a Developmental Specialist Supervisor and Playgroup Coordinator at Boston Children’s Hospital Early Intervention Program. She focused on serving children ages 0 – 3 who have developmental delays or are at risk of a developmental delay by providing evaluations and in-home services. Jessi created and implemented various virtual groups for children and families during the COVID-19 pandemic. She worked closely with children’s primary care providers; specialty providers such as developmental medicine, genetics, and neurology to ensure the right services and diagnoses are available for children at an early age. Jessi’s goal has been to empower children and families and she has prepared many for their transition to Boston Public Schools.  Immigrating to Queens, NY from Colombia as a teenager, diversity and advocating for underserved communities is especially important to her mission.  She is now looking forward to highlighting early literacy as a tool for equity in the Greater New York area

Kinsa has partnered with NYC’s Department of Health to bring free “smart thermometers” to New Yorkers.  The thermometers are designed by doctors and nurses in efforts to help achieve the goal of building a robust triage, early detection and response network across the City, while advancing the health of all New Yorkers.If you are interested in learning more about participating sites and how to obtain a free thermometer contact Patricia at

 West Monroe Volunteers with Virtual & In-person Read Alouds  

West Monroe is embodying one of its core values of social responsibility by dedicating more that 2,000 employees to support nonprofits by volunteering remotely or in-person to organizations. 20 West Monroe Partners employees volunteered their time recording virtual read alouds for families to enjoy at home.
A special Thank You to West Monroe for your support!